Standardized proactive care delivery positioning us as
the first-point-of-reference for Rural populations

Technology Innovation:

Our primary care network is powered by a unique and sophisticated Health Management Information System (HMIS), which is a cloud-hosted application, built on an open source platform.  The application has both web based and mobile based versions to enter the patient data. The web version is used at the clinics accessed over laptops by physicians, while the mobile version is used in the field by community health workers accessed over low cost android phones.

The HMIS comes into play even before the launch of a clinic, during an enrolment exercise when through a mobile based intervention the entire catchment population demographics are recorded, at a household level, down to the GPS co-ordinates. The enrolled population are issued bar-coded identity cards and form the seed database for the clinic. Additional modules built within the HMIS are used to document patient visits, maintain diagnostic information, schedule follow-ups and help in disease management.

Other than capturing a detailed history of patient-physician interaction, HMIS has fully functional units for inventory and supply chain management, human resource management, inclusive of training and integration with android based mobile platforms for data integrations. Modules such as monitoring and evaluation, clinical audit, clinical data analysis and community disease mapping aided by geo-visualization have also been developed. Hand-held android phones are deployed within the community to aid in screening interventions for different diseases like CVDs, conducting socio economic surveys and enrolment activities.