Affordable & accessible primary healthcare for Rural India


Dr. Zeena Johar – Selected as one of The Purpose Economy’s “PE100 Aisa”

May 2014

PE 100 Asia - Dr. Zeena Johar has been chosen as one of the Pioneers of the Purpose Economy 100 Asia, for ushering in the new Purpose Economy. As one of the Purpose driven entrepreneurs that are early adopters of strategies to move markets in Asia, Zeena has been recognized for her tireless efforts to ensure that rural communities in India have access to primary healthcare. The Purpose Economy 100 platform seeks to highlight disruptive innovators, policy-setters, taste-makers and researchers who are transforming our innate need for purpose into the organizing principle for innovation and growth in the global economy. The Purpose Economy movement is organized by Imperative, a social impact company based in New York City.

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MoU with University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

April 2014

Bridge Training Program - Under the auspices of Dean Afaf Meleis at Penn Nursing, Prof. Marjorie Muecke (Penn Nursing's Assistant Dean for Global Affairs), and Prof. Wendy Grube (Penn Nursing) and Dr. Zeena Johar, the founding President of ICTPH and co-founder and MD & CEO of SughaVazhvu Healthcare, the MoU was signed on April 09, 2014 to further the collaboration to establish a Center of Excellence to skill-build primary-care practitioners through the flagship, jointly sponsored Bridge Training Program (BTP).
The half a decade long collaboration between Penn Nursing and ICTPH which involved supported faculty and student exchange among other activities, has led to the joint development of primary-care protocols and care pathways for rural India that are currently implemented through SughaVazhvu Healthcare’s rural primary healthcare delivery model. The partnership with Penn Nursing plays an instrumental in creating SughaVazhvu’s healthcare workforce for rural India, trained in the provision of evidence based primary care healthcare, thus supporting our vision of creating Disease Free Villages.

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Dr. Zeena Johar @ UPenn SON

April 2014

Global Health Lecture - Penn Nursing Science invited Dr. Zeena Johar as part of their Global Health events to present a lecture on “First Line Disruptive Healthcare Innovations in India”, at the University of Pennsylvania on April 09, 2014, co-hosted with South Asia Center and South Asia Studies.

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SughaVazhvu @ Prism 2014 – Healthcare for the Great Indian Middle Class

April 2014

Ensuring Quality - Dr. Aparna Manoharan & Dr. Bejoy Daniel were invited to deliver talks at the 9th Annual National Conference, PRISM 2014 - “Healthcare for the Great Indian Middle Class”, organized by Aravind Eye Care System, at the Aravind Eye Hospital, Coimbatore on April 12th & 13th 2014. The focus of the conference was on healthcare delivery to the lower and middle class, exploring sustainable models for affordable care, practical insights on providing high quality care at low cost and ensuring good patient satisfaction in handling high volumes. Dr. Aparna introduced SughaVazhvu’s innovative solutions in delivering affordable and accessible primary healthcare, while Dr. Bejoy expanded on the standardized support functions employed to ensure quality in providing healthcare to the masses.

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Dr. Bejoy Daniel accepted into the Dasra Social Impact Leadership Program – in partnership with Harvard Business School

April 2014

Dr. Bejoy Daniel accepted into the Dasra Social Impact Leadership Program - Dasra is India's leading strategic philanthropy foundation working with philanthropists and social entrepreneurs to create large scale social change. Dr. Bejoy Daniel will be a part of the Class of 2015, Dasra Social Impact Leadership Program, the first-of-its-kind in partnership with Harvard Business School. The class of 2015 will have 30 of the country’s most impactful nonprofit and social business leaders graduating in March 2015. The themes for the four seminars are: Leadership and Strategy (May 15-20, 2014), Developing Your Organization (August, 2014), Building Your Brand (December 2014) and Creating a Professional Firm (March 2015).

Winner of the 2014 Nasscom Social Innovations Honours

February 2014

Winner of NASSCOMM foundation’s Social Innovation Honours 2014 - NASSCOM foundation pioneered the honours in 2008 to recognise and showcase innovations that aim to impact society in a positive manner by utilising information and communication technologies. This year’s ICT Led Social Innovation by a Not for Profit Organization award was bagged by SughaVazhvu Healthcare for their “Technology enabled Rural Primary Healthcare Service Delivery”.

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SVHC @ GPHCON 2014 – CSR in Public Health

February 2014

CSR in Public Health - Zeena Johar, MD & CEO, SughaVazhvu Healthcare was invited to form a panel at the SRM School of Public Health’s Global Public Health Conference 2014 (GPHCON 2014), on 23rd February, to discuss the role of Corporate Social Responsibility in the field of public health.

SughaVazhvu 5000 challenge

February 2014

SughaVazhvu 5000 challenge சுகவாழ்வு 5000 - சவாலை சந்திப்போம் - சாதிப்போம் !! SV5000 challenge was designed as a stress test to challenge all the employees to increase their efficiency and give their maximum effort in increasing patient-visit numbers. The shortest month of the year was chosen to bring about the maximum change. Various community engagement strategies were adopted and tested on the field during this month. The self-challenge was a huge success with patient-visit numbers touching over 6000 within the first two weeks of implementation. Arunthavapuram RMHC team was declared an Overall Winner for their consistent efforts in implementing all the strategies planned. Mr.Rethinam and Mr. Alex, our Field Agents were especially congratulated for their ground-level contributions such as aggressive marketing, site management and effective KOL engagement at villages.

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SughaVazhvu Healthcare is now a part of the IPIHD network

January 2014

SughaVazhvu selected to be a part of the IPIHD and SEAD network - Sughavazhvu Healthcare has been selected to be a part of the prestigious International Partnership in Innovative Healthcare Delivery (IPIHD) Network. IPIHD is a not-for-profit organization, hosted by Duke University, with a social mission of increasing global access to cost-effective and high-quality healthcare. he mission of IPIHD is achieved by addressing the key challenges preventing the effective scale and replication of innovative models of healthcare delivery.

SughaVazhvu Healthcare, now a SEAD entrepreneur

January 2014

Sughavazhvu Healthcare, now a SEAD entrepreneur - Sughavazhvu Healthcare has been selected to be a part of the Social Enterprise Accelerator at Duke (SEAD) for its Evidence Based Blue Print for Primary Care. SEAD is a USAID- funded accelerator program run in partnership by IPIHD, Duke University and Investors’ Circle- to expand the reach of high impact healthcare organizations serving low-income populations in emerging markets.


SughaVazhvu poster wins Second Prize in Clairvoyance 2013 Conference

December 2013

SughaVazhvu poster wins Second Prize in Clairvoyance 2013 Conference - Presented by Dr. Saranya Vinoth & Ashweetha Shetty, the poster titled Reimagining Health & Healthcare in India was awarded second place at Clairvoyance 2013- a conference organized by the School of Health Systems Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

Thanjavur Rural Marathon

December 2013

Thanjavur Rural Marathon - Sponsored by City Union Bank this event was an overwhelming success! It gave participants a true rural immersion as the marathon track cut across villages and was surrounded by the lush greenery of paddy and coconut fields along a river canal. Participants had the opportunity to visit our clinics to learn more about our field work, and visualise the impact created. Proceeds from registrations helped us organise a Kids Run that was hugely popular among local schools.

Launched Apollo’s Total Health at Aragonda

October 2013

Launched Apollo’s Total Health at Aragonda - Total Health Inaugration In partnership with SughaVazhvu, Apollo has launched an integrated rural healthcare system called Total Health at Aragonda of Tavanampalle mandal in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. Dr Prathap C Reddy, chairman of Apollo Hospitals said the Total Health aims at providing holistic healthcare covering physical, mental, social and spiritual health at the doorstep at affordable cost. The integrated healthcare system in Arogonda will provide clinics delivering primary care, training of medical practitioners, community engagement, risk screening, disease management and project management.

Dr.Zeena Johar elected as an Ashoka Fellow

October 2013

Ashoka Fellowship awarded to Dr.Zeena Johar - Our M.D. & CEO, Dr. Zeena was elected as a member to the highly prestigious Ashoka Fellowship. The Ashoka Foundation is leading a profound transformation in the society invests in social entrepreneurs who drive the sector forward, responding to new challenges and changing needs.


Nachiket Mor: The Crossover Leader Award

December 2012

Nachiket Mor: The Crossover Leader - Dr. Nachiket Mor was chosen by Forbes India as The Crossover Leader as part of their Philantrophy Awards 2012 for successfully making the transition from a thriving career in the corporate world to working for the social sector and for serving as an inspiration and role model for others. Nachiket Mor opted out of the race for the corner office at ICICI Bank to link the world of ideas with the world of execution.

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Launch of Arunthuvapuram Clinic

May 2012

Launch of Arunthuvapuram Clinic - This is our newest RHMC which recently celebrated the first year anniversary in 2013. The Arunthuvapuram RHMC is designed to serve the catchment area of about 8000 people

Launch of Ponnapur Clinic

April 2012

Launch of Ponnapur Clinic - Soon after the launch at Okkanadu Melaiyur, we inaugurated two more RHMCs’, the first of which was at Ponnapur catchment area which has about 8000 people that would potentially benefit.

Launch of Okkanadu Melaiyur Clinic

February 2012

Launch of Okkanadu Melaiyur Clinic - With our strategy to expand into other catchment areas in 2012, we started the year off with the inaugration of our Okkanadu Melaiyur RHMC aimed at reaching out to the 7700 individuals in the catchment.


Cervical Intervention

December 2011

Cervical Intervention - Cervical Cancer is easily preventable upon early diagnosis with regular pap-smear screening. Our aim here was to avail this screening to our women-folk. Although quite a taboo topic, with this intervention we wanted our women to became better aware of their reproductive systems and symptoms of cervical cancer. We aimed to reduce the stigma and bring forth available screening techniques.

Launch of Kavarapattu Clinic

December 2011

Launch of Kavarapattu Clinic - Our Kavarapattu RHMC has a catchment size of about 12000 individuals and is one of the larger catchments.

Rapid Risk Assessment

August 2011

Rapid Risk Assessment - In order to aid with the CVD intervention and spread awareness of a healthy lifesylte we started our RRA screening which measured height, weight, BMI, waist to hip ration and recorded family history of diseases. We aimed to educate our villages with the knowledge of a healthy height to weight ratio, promote healthy eating and exercise behaviours as well. With the family history we wanted to better forewarn our patients to their risk of possible CVD or diabetes and even cancer.

Launch of Andipatti Clinic

May 2011

Launch of Andipatti Clinic - We expanded to bigger catchment areas of Andipatti this May, with approximately 14500 individuals that can benefit from our RHMC here. Our Andipatti clinic serves the largest catchment area thus far.

CVD Intervention

April 2011

CVD Intervention - Recognising nation-wide Cardiovascular disease epidemic we at SughaVazhvu intervened to serve our villages with awareness, diagnosis and protocols to better manage the affected persons health conditions. We continue this till date assessing for more specifically diabetes and hypertension, the precursors to artherosclerosis and heart attacks.

Vision Intervention

June 2011

Vision Intervention - We realised that most villagers ignore correcting vision and vision related issues, sometimes because they can ‘still manage’ or because the ‘closest’ opthamologist is inaccessible. Hence we started our vision intervention screening for the basic long-sight, short-sight problems and enabled our villagers with spectacles and a corrected vision.


Launch of Karambayam Clinic

September 2010

Launch of Karambayam Clinic - Having learnt from our experiences at Alakkudi we launched our second RHMC to serve similar catchment size of about 8000 individuals at Karambayam.


Launch of Alakkudi Clinic

November 2009

Launch of Alakkudi Clinic - Identifying a total catchment size of approximately 8800 people we launched our very first SughaVazhvu Rural Micro Health Centre, staffed with one medical practitioner and an Health Extenstion Worker; to serve the rural public with affordable, protocol based healthcare at their doorstep.