Standardized proactive care delivery positioning us as
the first-point-of-reference for Rural populations

Rural Primary Healthcare

Rural primary care facilities, which are meant to serve as the point of first contact for curative & preventative care delivery and as gatekeepers to next level care providers, face a near chronic shortage in professional health workers.
Coupled with sub-optimal infrastructure and management of resources, the rural Indian population is subject to health and economic inequity.
Unavailable early detection & preventative services, an increasing chronic disease burden and mounting out-of-pocket (OOP) health expenditure are the milestones that line the future of the disadvantaged and underserved population in India.

SughaVazhvu Healthcare aims to re-organize the front line primary care delivery for the inaccessible rural Indian population by implementing a blueprint of innovative solutions and strategies within their rural primary healthcare network.

Rural Health Statistics

SughaVazhvu Healthcare - Our Footprint

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Innovative Care Delivery

Impact - Lives Touched

Innovation - Geo-visualization of Disease Prevalence

Disease Surveillance Map

Representative map of the enrolled population () in a catchment served by one of our clinics () showing the population diagnosed with allergic bronchitis () in the year 2013 at our clinic.

Risk Factor Screening Map

Representative mapping of a community based, android phone enabled risk screening exercise identifying individuals at low risk (), medium risk (), & high risk () for cardiovascular diseases.

As of December 2011, we have screened 3755 individuals, 68.5% individuals identified as High Risk with two or more risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Our risk screening tool is based on the WHO Steps guidelines and risk is calculate based on six non-invasive risk parameters - Body Mass Index (BMI), Waist Hip Ratio (WHR), tobacco consumption, personal history, age, and blood pressure.

Strong Technology Backbone

Training & Development

Training of registered AYUSH
practitioners in the delivery of
evidence based primary
allopathic care

100+ ICTPH primary health protocols

Use of proprietary health management technology

Field based training modules

Continuing Medical Education

Training of community based
Health Extension Workers

Health education & awareness training

Disease screening procedures

Use of mobile and web based
health technologies

Soft skills patient handling training

Periodic assessment & education

Bridge Training Program being developed

To be offered in 2014 as a joint certificate by ICTPH and University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

Aimed at training AYUSH as well as allopathic physicians in the delivery of evidence based primary care


Patient Testimonials

I belong to a small farming family from Karambayam. I went to Patukottai about 10kms away from my village to get my medications, but could not continue it properly. When SughaVazhvu opened nearby I was able to avail check up. I became aware of my critical condition and with regular follow up I am now much better!

Since last year, I could not read about politics in the papers. Patukottai was too far away to check my eyes. Once SughaVazhvu opened nearby the nurse did my eye check-up and I got my spectacles. Now I can read well, thanks to SughaVazhvu!