Last mile primary care, enabled through technology, powered by evidence-based care protocols

Tamaraiselvi, 56, is a resident of the remote village of Andipatti, in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India. Her daily wage is $3. A visit to the nearest town for quality medical care, at $10, including travel, consultation, medication, loss of pay was something she could ill-afford. Now, as part of the SughaVazhvu family, she has access to quality care, affordable diagnostics and services and is undergoing treatment for her diabetes. Quality, affordable, accessible care; something she could never dream of before. Tamaraiselvi is one of the many lives that we have touched, through our disruptive model of primary health care delivery in rural India. “A Million Lives Touched” and “Disease-free Villages”, is where we are headed…

SughaVazhvu Healthcare is a section-25 not-for-profit, Rural Primary Healthcare organization. We function at the interface of human resource and technology innovation to provide basic healthcare services to inaccessible populations. In partnership with the IKP Centre for Technologies in Public Health (ICTPH), a not-for-profit research organization, we opened our first clinic in Alakkudi, in the district of Thanjavaur, Tamil Nadu in 2009 and currently run a network of seven clinics that cater to a total population of 70,000 individuals within the selected catchments.

Our model of healthcare delivery is based on ICTPH’s multifaceted, integrative solution of training the under-tapped section of alternate healthcare providers to harness evidence based care protocols and technological innovations to provide easy access to low cost and good quality primary health care services to the rural population in India, thus breaking the “iron triangle” (access, cost, quality) within healthcare system. The building blocks of our Rural Primary Healthcare Network are three-fold –1) Protocolized Medicine, 2) Trained Health Workforce & 3) Technology Innovation. The network in turn has multi-functional arms – 1) the clinic, referred to as the Rural Micro Health Centre (RMHC), 2) a central diagnostic hub, 3) community engagement platform, 4) community based risk screening & 5) subscription based disease management.