• Disease free villages

    SughaVazhvu powered by a replicable, community-driven, technology-enabled and financially responsible model. Driven by highly standardized clinical protocols delivered by a trained healthcare workforce, who practice in a rigorously supervised and audited environment.

    Accessibility, affordability, quality – our core promise

  • Addressing the
    human resource
    challenges in Rural Primary Care

    Shortage in healthcare workforce – A Rural Reality

    An estimated 70% (0.8 billion) of India’s 1.2 billion live in Rural India. 70% of doctors in India practice in urban settings. The World Health Organisation recommends an estimated 1:1000 doctor-population ratio. In rural India this ratio is under 0.3:1000. Gross shortage in Health Workforce is the reality of Rural India.

  • Medicine driven by
    rules, enabled by
    technology &
    accessible to the last mile

    Technology enabled
    Rural Primary
    Healthcare Service

    SughaVazhvu's innovation is a cloud-based proprietary Health Management Information System (HMIS). The open source HMIS has fully functional units for patient visit documentation, supply chain management, monitoring and evaluation, clinical audit and integration with android based mobile platforms for data integrations.

  • Standardized & Pro-active rural primary care delivery

    Protocol driven primary care

    Driven by lack of consistency in primary healthcare management among the various health providers, the SughaVazhvu model, functions on a platform of standardized care delivery. Primary care protocols that govern entire care pathway from clinical diagnosis to pharmacological management.

ACCOLADES – Winner of NASSCOMM foundation’s Social Innovation Honours 2014.           Dr. Bejoy Daniel accepted into the Dasra Social Impact Leadership Program – in partnership with Harvard Business School.           Dr. Zeena Johar and Mr. SGS Lakshmanan have been accepted as our Unreasonable Fellow into the 2014 UNREASONABLE INSTITUTE, in Colorado, USA, for our work in innovative primary healthcare delivery.           Dr. Zeena Johar elected to the ASHOKA Fellowship in 2013, for her pioneering work in transforming primary care system.           SughaVazhvu Healthcare is a part of the 2014 cohort of entrepreneurs at the International Partnership in Innovative Healthcare Delivery (IPIHD) Network and the Social Enterprise Accelerator at Duke (SEAD).           CURRENT OPENINGS – Physician Vacancies: Be a part of our expanding SughaVazhvu family. Looking for Ayurveda, Siddha, Homeopathy, M.B.B.S., M.D. qualified individuals. Openings available in both GP and Speciality clinics. Contact: aparajitha@sughavazhvu.co.in           COMING SOON – Driving innovation through our Mobile Clinics.          

About Us

Tamaraiselvi, 56, is a resident of the remote village of Andipatti in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India. Her daily wage is $3. A visit to the nearest town for quality medical care, at $10, including travel, consultation, medication, loss of pay was something she could ill-afford. Now, as part of the SughaVazhvu family, she has access to quality care, affordable diagnostics and services and is undergoing treatment for her diabetes. Quality, affordable, accessible care; something she could never dream of before.

Tamaraiselvi is one of the many lives that we have touched, through our disruptive model of primary health care delivery in rural India. “A Million Lives Touched” and “Disease-free Villages”, is where we are headed…